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Book Reviews
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by Cynthia Lord

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Amazing book! It really shows that being you can make a diffrence.

The Canada Geese Quilt
by Natalie Kinsey-warnock

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Very moving for your emotions ??

zombies attack! the rise of the warlords
by Mark Cheverton Minecraft Books

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I like all the action and how it has such good wording.

Cooking with HENRY and Elliebelly
by Carolyn Parkhurst

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We love this book, they are our ages

Happea All Year
by Keith Baker

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Our favorite , love to find the ladybug

Ivy And Bean Book 1
by Anne Barrows

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this book was great! and funny and cool and amazing i truly loved it ivy was so funny and bean was too i loved the book and the author it made me smile i think it was my favorite book and the pictures were great so was the way it was written and man it was just great and funny who new i would love it this much if i could i would give it 2658749936487437 that many stars

Penny And Pup
by Linda Jennings

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On the first night in her new home, penny had whined and howled and scratched at the door. So her family gave her Pup to be her friend. pup was all squashy and floppy, and her lived in Penny’s basked. She chewed and loved him to bits.

by Olivier Dunrea

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I liked how they shared the boots at the end of the story. I think I actually like the whole entire book!


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Enjoyed it, raises the age old question of whether Pat Garrett actually killed William Bonney or if there was a cover up.No definite proof either way but book does raise questions & is intended to be enjoyable fiction.

Greetings From Witness Protection By Jake Burt
by Jake Burt

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I found the storyline to be so unbelievable, I found it insulting to the reader. No bueno!

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