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by Rachel Anne Ridge

Delightful book. It is inspiring and hilarious at some points. A Tiramisu (pick me up in Italian) made of words.

National Geographic Magazine
by different authors

The magazine was good because it taught us to not throw trash in the ocean. If you throw trash in the ocean, the animals can die or choke on it. Get your trash and throw it in the trashcan. If you see trash on the ground pick it up and throw it away. Plastic bags are especially dangerous because they trick sea turtles that they are jelly fish and they eat them.

Enchanted Lions
by David T Greenberg

The book was about a little girl who was asleep, but she cat by her. So, she thought it was real, but it was just a dream. She went into the sky and saw Pegasus, and his army came after the lions. Then, they got sucked up int a black hole. Then the little girl used a comet as a lasso around a whale to pull the little girl and lion out of the black hole.

Rescued from ISIS
by Dimitri Bontinck

When one start reading this book cannot stop. It gives you an idea of what the families of radicalized teenagers go through.

Dear Mrs Bird
by Aj Pearce

3 stars

Big Nate
by Lincoln Peirce

Nate likes a girl in his class that he sits next to him.Her name is Ruby and then one day Ruby said hi and Nate said hi back.Then she said.Hey did you finish Homework.I got stuck on question 10.Nate said yeah i did.He said flipping open his note book.He said its a little disorganized.Then she said whats that.Its a comic book i made i dint finish it yet and she said its fine.

Marvel rising #4
by Nilah Magruder

In the bigining when there was a flashback

Big Nate Books Say Goodbye To Dork City
by Lincoln Pierce

weird but good

Big Nate Payback Time
by Lincoln Pierce

it was so funny!

by Marissa Meyer

Loved this book. Starting the 2nd book of it next!
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